Meet AjaBleu Arial Oldham, Kimberly Elise’s Eldest Daughter!

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AjaBleu Arial Oldham is the eldest daughter of American actress, Kimberly Elise Trammel.

AjaBleu is currently working as a Marketing Manager at Bernstein Financial Services Inc.

Early Life of AjaBleu Arial Oldham

AjaBleu Arial Oldham was born on March 16, 1990, to Kimberly Elise and her former partner, Maurice Oldham. She moved to Los Angeles with her parents when she was four years old.

AjaBleu Oldham as a child.
AjaBleu is now 31 years old.
Source: Instagram

She graduated from Immaculate Heart High School and later, joined The American University of Paris in 2008. She graduated with a BA degree in Art History and Psychology two years later in 2010.

AjaBleu Oldham's Immaculate Heart High School's IDs.
AjaBleu was a student of Immaculate Heart High School.
Source: Instagram

AjaBleu also attended The New School for a Bachelor of Arts degree in their Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy in 2011.

AjaBleu’s Career

AjaBleu Oldham is currently working as a Marketing Manager for Bernstein Financial Services Inc. She started working there in October 2020.

In May 2014, Oldham co-founded Kimberly Elise Natural Living alongside her mother, Kimberly Elise. She also worked as the company’s Marketing Strategist until July 2020.

AjaBleu worked as a Marketing Coordinator in Z Living Network for a year from 2016 to 2017. She later joined Escrow of the West as a Marketing Manager and worked there till December 2018.

Besides these, she is also a writer and model. You can find her work on her official website,

Is She Dating Anyone?

AjaBleu Oldham is currently dating a guy named, John H. We don’t know when they started dating, however, the pair were first seen together on Oldham’s Instagram on July 7, 2019.

AjaBleu Oldham with Her Boyfriend, John H.
AjaBleu with her boyfriend, John H.
Source: Instagram

Oldham was seen with a guy named, Ryan Leon in the past. However, the duo wasn’t dating. They are best friends!

AjaBleu Arial Oldham with Her Best Friend, Ryan Leon.
AjaBleu with her best friend, Ryan Leon.
Source: Instagram

Relationship of Her Parents

AjaBleu Oldham’s parents, Maurice Oldham and Kimberly Elise married on April 21, 1989, in Minneapolis, Minnesota after a few months of dating. Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end after 16 years on September 29, 2005.

Their mother, Kimberly is now dating a Chicago motivational speaker named Kevin Johnson.

Death of Her Father

AjaBleu Arial Oldham’s dad, Maurice Oldham passed away on May 21, 2007, at the age of 48. He died due to a heavy blood clot. His memorial service was held 9 days later at Agape International Spiritual Center.

Her father was a photographer and the owner of MTalent Photography.

Younger Sibling

AjaBleu Oldham has a younger sister, Butterfly Rose Oldham, who was born eight years after her birth, on October 19, 1998. The 23-year-old is currently a student at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California.

AjaBleu Oldham and Butterfly Rose Oldham.
AjaBleu and Butterfly were born eight years apart.
Source: Instagram

Butterfly is dating her boyfriend Kashan Jabari Fields. They have been together since November 2019.

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