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Antonia Bennett is the daughter of Rags to Riches singer, Tony Bennett, and The Lieutenant actress, Sandra Grant Bennett.

Early Life of Antonia Bennett

Antonia Bennett was born in Los Angeles, US on April 7, 1974, to celebrity parents, Tony Bennett and Sandra Grant.

Tony Bennett with His Daughter, Antonia Bennett.
Antonia is the daughter of Tony Bennett.
Source: Instagram

She attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in West Hollywood.

Has Three Siblings

Antonia Bennett has three siblings. Her elder sister, Joanna Bennett was born in 1970.

Tony Bennett with His Daughters, Antonia Bennett and Joanna Bennett.
The late singer Tony Bennett with his daughters, Joanna and Antonia Bennett.
Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, she has two half-elder brothers, Danny Andrea (D’Andrea Bennett), who was born in 1954, and Daegal Angel (D’Angel or Dae) Bennett, who was born a year later in 1955. Her half-elder brothers were born from her dad’s marriage with Patricia Beech.

Failed Marriage of Her Parents

As already mentioned, Antonia Bennett was born to parents, Tony Bennett and Sandra Grant. Tony and Sandra walked down the aisle on December 29, 1971, in a private wedding ceremony. The duo first met in 1965 while filming The Oscar and dated for six years before marrying.

Antonia Bennett with Her Parents and Sibling.
Tony Bennett with his ex-wife, Sandra Grant and two children, Joanna and Antonia Bennett.
Source: Instagram

Tony and Sandra were married for 14 years. Unfortunately, Antonia’s parents separated in 1979 and finalized their divorce in 2007. The duo divorced only when Tony wanted to get married to Susan Marion Crow (m. June 21, 2007).

Susan Crow with her late husband, Tony Bennett.
Tony Bennett was together with his third wife, Susan Crow until his death.
Source: Instagram

Before Tony’s relationship with Sandra, he was married to Patricia Beech. They were together for around 17 years as the pair shared their vows on February 12, 1951, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City and separated in 1964.

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Death of Her Father

Antonia Bennett’s dad, Tony Bennett passed away on July 21, 2023, at his home in New York City at 96. The singer died following a seven-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Tony showed signs of Alzheimer’s in 2015 when he couldn’t remember the names of musicians when on stage. Gayatri Devi, MD diagnosed the late singer with the disease a year later.

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga performing I’ve Got You Under My Skin!

Antonia’s Career as a Singer

Antonia Bennett followed the footsteps of her parents and took up singing and acting as a child. She’s sung at jazz clubs, casinos, amphitheaters, and stadiums. The 49-year-old even opened up for her late dad and sang duets with him.

Bennett has three albums to her name, Natural (2010), Ordinary Girl (2012), and Embrace Me (2014).

Married to Ronen Helmann

Antonia Bennett tied the knot with an Israeli guy named Ronen Helmann in April 2013.

Antonia Bennett with her Husband, Ronen Helman.
Antonia Bennett is married to her husband, Ronan Helmann.
Source: Instagram

The pair have two kids, a son and a daughter.

Antonia Bennett's Children.
Antonia Bennett has two children; a daughter and a son.
Source: Instagram

Converted to Judaism

In 2013, the daughter of the late Tony Bennett, Antonia Bennett converted to Judaism.

It’s been a wonderful experience for me on many levels. It’s given me a lot of confidence and spirituality in my music. Having a connection to God and the community has been wonderful for me.

Her father was Catholic while her mother is Christian.

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