Get to Know Ana Leza: First Wife of Antonio Banderas!

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Ana Leza rose to fame for her marriage with The Mask of Zorro star, Antonio Banderas.

Leza was born in Madrid, Spain, to Maria de la Concepcion Leza Nunez. Her mother, famously known as Concha Leza, is a popular actress with 90 acting credits.

Marriage with Antonio Banderas

Ana Arana Leza was the first wife of her ex-husband actor, Antonio Banderas. They walked down the aisle on July 27, 1987, at the Church of San Nicholas in Madrid after six months of dating.

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The duo first met when Antonio first came to New York for the role in Los Reyes del Mambo. They hit it off and started dating soon after. Leza helped Banderas learn English. She even found him a house in Hollywood.

She helped me translate the script for Los Reyes del Mambo, to work on it, she gave me a lot of confidence. Without her, I would not have gotten the role.

Divorced in 1996

Ana Leza and Antonio Banderas parted ways in 1996 after 9 years of marriage. The major reason for their divorce was Banderas’ extra-marital affair with his second wife, Melanie Griffith. The divorce papers had irreconcilable differences as the reason.

Following their 8-day-long divorce trial, Ana received the mansion they were living in in Madrid. The mansion was worth $3.995 million. She also received $14,098 per month for three years and four months. In addition, she was also rewarded with 50% of what Antonio made from all of his movies during their marriage.

In 2004, several years after their divorce, the Desperado star spoke about his divorce with the journalist, Jesus Quintero.

They left me worse than … It was eight days of trial. It is a business. What the judge wants to know is how much you are going to pay your partner. They grab you by the foot, they shake you and, when the last one is over dollar, they leave you. That’s what they did to me

Second Marriage and Kids

After her divorce from Antonio Banderas, Ana Leza got together with Chris AKA Dharma Villarreal and married on November 6, 2000, in Santa Barbara, California. The duo is said to have met at the Siddha Yoga Meditation Foundation.

The duo has two kids, Clara Maria and Sofia Macarena. Since all of her family members are followers of Swami Muktananda, the founder of Siddha Yoga, they’ve changed their children’s names to Clara Priya and Sophia Sindu.

Short-lived Acting Career

Ana Arana Leza had a brief acting career with only 11 acting credits under her name. She debuted through Teresa de Jesus in 1984. She appeared in two episodes of the show.

Leza went on to appear in Lorca, Muerte de un Poeta, Philadelphia, Of Love and Shadows, and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.

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