Who is Camidas Swain Newton, Son of Cam Newton?

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Camidas Swain Newton is the son of the football quarterback, Cameron Jerell Newton (Cam Newton), and his ex-girlfriend, Kia Proctor.

Son of Cam Newton

Camidas Swain Newton was born on July 6, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia, as the third child and second son of Cam Newton and Kia Proctor.

Camidas is the third child of Cam and Kia.
Camidas is the third child of Cam and Kia.
Source: Instagram

Camidas was born in an athlete family. Her grandfather, Cecil Newton Sr. played football for the Buffalo Bills (1984) and Dallas Cowboys (1983). His uncle, Cecil Newton played for Jacksonville Jaguars. Similarly, his uncle, Caylin Newton played as the quarterback for Howard Bison in the mid-2010s.

Five Siblings

Camidas Swain Newton has five siblings: three biological and two half-siblings.

His brother’s name is Chosen Sebastian (b. December 2015), and his sisters’ names are Sovereign Dior Cambella (b. February 2017) and Cashmere Newton (b. 2019).

Camidas Swain Newton with His Mother and Siblings.
Camidas has five siblings.
Source: Instagram

He has a half-brother named Caesar Newton, from his father’s current relationship with La Reina Shaw, and has an elder half-sister named Shakira Newton from his mother’s previous relationship.

Parents Unsuccessful Relationship

Camidas Swain Newton’s parents Cam and Kia started dating in 2013 and officiated about their relationship at the 2014 NFL Honours.

However, after five years of relationship and four children, they parted ways in late 2019. The reason for their separation was his father’s extra-marital relationship with the Instagram model, La Reina Shaw.

Custody Battle

While Camidas Swain Newton was just one year old, both of his parents fought for his custody battle. His mother wanted sole custody, child support, and attorney fees, while his dad wanted joint custody with visitation rights.

Cam was making well over $60 million annually during their divorce. Due to this, Kia wanted child support, attorney fees, and $15 thousand for an accountant to examine his finances.

Camidas is now residing with his mother but both of his parents are co-parenting him.

We just grew apart and we have a great working relationship now and where we have beautiful children and we’re seeing them grow day in and day out.

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