Jimmy Jam’s Weight Loss: What You Kneed to Know!

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James Samuel “Jimmy Jam” Harris III went from fat to fit in less than a year. This got his fans concerned about the singer’s health. Is he sick or was his skinny look a part of his fitness regime?

Jimmy Jam is an American R&B/pop songwriter and records producer alongside Terry Steven Lewis. With his partner, he has more than 41 top ten music hits in the US.

Now, let’s talk about his weight loss!

Jimmy Jam: From Fat To Fit!!!

While appearing at a red carpet event in 2018, Jimmy Jam appeared alongside his daughter, Bella B Harris, looking as healthy as a horse. However, things changed a few months later as one of his fans noticed something different about the singer. He was looking leaner!

Bella B Harris and Jimmy Jam prior his weight loss.
Jimmy looked healthy when he appeared on the red carpet with his daughter.
Source: Instagram
Jimmy Jam and Lisa Jam Harris at the Elton John Oscars Party in 2020.
Jimmy and Lisa at the Elton John Oscars Party in 2020.
Source: Instagram
Jimmy Jam with his wife and daughter.
One of Jimmy’s recent photos. He still looks skinny.
Source: Instagram

Jimmy stunned everyone with his huge weight loss while attending Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy party on February 11, 2019. He had lost nearly half of his body weight. A few months later, he shocked his fans again with an even thinner look at the Elton John’s Oscar Party.

What His Fans Had to Say about His Weight Loss!

The news of Jimmy Jam’s weight loss created a buzz online; many of his fans began to worry about him. On May 2, 2019, fellow singer, Keith Sweat, also took to his Facebook to talk about the musician’s body transformation.

One of Jimmy’s fans named Diane Alexander said that he looked sick and hoped he was alright. Similarly, another fan, Tom Mason said that he looks great and different in his new transformation.

Comment on Jimmy Jam's weight loss.
Comment on Jimmy Jam’s weight loss.
Source: Facebook

In September 2019, one of his fans revealed that he had been following a weight loss program since 2018 and lost most of his weight in 6 months. Also, he revealed that Jimmy wouldn’t have done it if he was ill.

Jimmy lost most of the weight in a 6 month period in 2018. If it was an illness, we probably would have heard by now. He played with Janet in MN a few nights ago.

One of his fans also compared his weight loss with musician Prince, who died in 2016.

Anyone see the Soul Train Awards? It was an amazing finale; Jimmy Jam continues to concern me. He’s losing weight like Charlie Murphy. Prince going downhill the same way but died before he looked as sick.

Although a lot of his fans have made several assumptions about his weight loss, no one knows that actual reason as Jimmy has preferred to keep the details to himself.

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