Get to Know Royce Pierreson, Istredd from The Witcher!

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The British actor, Royce Pierreson is active in the entertainment industry since 2011 but he gained fame for his role as Istredd in the Netflix fantasy drama, The Witcher.

Pierreson is also famous for portraying the protagonist, Dr. John Watson in the series, The Irregulars.

Royce Pierreson’s Early Life

Royce Pierreson was born on April 1, 1989, in Saltash, Cornwall, England. He has a sister, Tyler Pierreson, who is a scriptwriter.

Royce and Tyler Pierreson.
Royce has a sister named Tyler.
Source: Instagram

He completed his graduation from Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in 2011 after three studies of drama.

When and How did He Start His Acting Career?

In an Adam Crookes interview for Crookes Magazine with Royce Pierreson for the 2019 movie, Judy, he revealed how he got into acting.

It’s all relative but I got into acting relatively late. When I was 17, I watched Streetcar Named Desire on BBC One. I watched what Marlon Brando did for 90 minutes and when the film finished I said to myself that’s who I want to be, not what I want to do but who I want to be. Then I realised I’m not Brando I’m my own person in this profession and set out on the path to discover, learn create and develop this love I had for acting.

A year after he realized he wanted to be an actor, Royce joined a drama school and by 21, he had already graduated.

I got into drama school aged 18, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, graduated at age 21, moved to London, and have had an amazing career with a brilliant agent behind me all the way.

Engaged to Natalie Herron

The 32-year-old Royce Pierreson is currently engaged to his girlfriend, Natalie Herron.

I just got engaged which is an amazing feeling. I’ve got an amazing partner, she gives me everything. She makes me excited for every day I get to spend with her.

Royce first spoke about his love through an Instagram post back in March 2019.

Wedding Plan

Royce Pierreson and his fiancee, Natalie Herron were planning to get married in July 2021 but they had to postpone it.

Royce Pierreson with his fiancee.
Royce and Natalie had to postpone their wedding due to the COVID lockdowns.
Source: Instagram

In one of Pierreson’s Instagram posts, Royce shared about his wedding writing,

To my everything ? happy delayed wedding day. Sucks we couldn’t do it this year but we go bigger and better next year! You make me a better person every day, I’m so lucky I get to spend my life with you ? I want to give you the world ?

Auditioned for Dr. Who

Dr. Watson from The Irregulars once auditioned for Dr. Who and it was an epic fail. While talking with The Italian Reve, he opened up about his awkward situation during the audition.

I was in the waiting room, my name gets called, I stand up to shake hands (back when it was allowed), my belt breaks, my trousers fall down, I manage to grab them with one hand as we make contact with the now awkward handshake. Did we say anything? Course not, we’re English. Did I get the job…have you ever seen me in “Dr. Who”?

Owner of a Production Company

Apart from his career as an actor, Royce Pierreson is also a producer and owns a production company, Another Method Productions. He has produced a short movie named The Pie Shop.

As per his interview with Fabric Magazine!

I run a production company called Another Method Productions, and we have just signed a really exciting deal. I can’t talk about it much right now, but we have a plan to make a TV series that I think is going to be a real game changer. It explores issues of race. It is really exciting and we’re in the pre-production stages of that right now. And I am doing a lot of writing as well.

Royce’s interview with Fabric Magazine!

Also, he has said that he had a few other projects on the go and he is busy with all of that.

Thought of Becoming a Chef

Prior to his career as an actor, Royce had also considered being a chef as he enjoys cooking.

I always wanted to do something where you are creating something from different components – I have always been drawn to things like that. I still enjoy cooking, but it’s usually very obscure stuff.

He says he does all of it by taste so when he cooks for his fiancee, she is quite wary of it.

She is very wary, because I put in so much stuff. And I’m like, ‘please, just try it, I swear to you it tastes good!’ And most of it does taste good, but there is a certain per cent that you really don’t want to go there!

Istredd in The Witcher

Royce Pierreson portrays the role of Istredd in the fantasy drama series, The Witcher. He appeared in three episodes in the first season of the series and has appeared in five episodes in the second season.

Royce Pierreson as Istredd in The Witcher.
Pierreson thanks his crew mates for their hard work during the shoot of The Witcher season 2.
Source: Instagram

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