All About Stella Banderas, Daughter of Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas!

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Stella Banderas is the daughter of the Working Girl star, Melanie Griffith, and The Mask of Zorro actor, Antonio Banderas.

Stella was born on September 24, 1996, in Marbella, Spain. She was named after her mother’s acting teacher, Stella Adler. She has Spanish roots from her father’s side while having German, Norwegian, English, and Swedish from her mother’s side.

Dropped Her Mother’s Surname

Stella del Carmen Banderas Griffith dropped her mother’s surname after filing documents at an LA court in 2021. The court documents cited “to shorten my name by removing the extra last name” as the reason behind her decision.

I typically do not use ‘Griffith’ when referring to myself or on documents…So, dropping the name would match my regular use.

Although she has dropped her mother’s surname legally, she still keeps it on her Instagram, ‘stellabanderasgriffith.’

Who is Stella Dating?

Stella Banderas seems to be dating someone, but the details are unavailable. We only have a picture of the duo kissing found on her Instagram.

The 27-year-old was previously dating Eli Meyer, the son of Ronald Meyer, the former agent of Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, and Meryl Streep. The duo made waves after they appeared at the 23rd Annual Hollywood Film Awards in Beverly Hills, California. They were there to celebrate her dad, Antonio Banderas’ Hollywood Actor Award win for his work in Pain & Glory.

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Career as a Model

Stella Banderas is a model. She first appeared on the cover of Glamor Spain in the 2020 September Issue.

Her first modeling campaign was in 2022 for the brand, 101p100. She has collaborated with brands like Sezane, Hermes Beauty, and Matisee Footwear.

Stella has also featured in a short film with her mom, Melanie Griffith, for Vogue and luxury jeweler, Bvlgari.

Bvlgari and Vogue debut for Stella and Melanie.

Career as an Actor

Stella Banderas started attending the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York in 2018. However, she became an actor when she was just 3 years old.

Crazy in Alabama Trailer!

In 1999, Banderas starred in the movie, Crazy in Alabama alongside her mother and half sister, Dakota Johnson. Her dad, Antonio Banderas, directed the movie.

She (Stella) was like 1½ maybe. And every time Antonio, my stepfather — her dad — yelled, ‘Action,’ she’d freak, she’d just burst into tears and would be sobbing the entire take. He’d yell cut, come over, and be like, ‘Stella,’ and she’d be fine and happy. I think she thought it was really scary when he yelled action. And I was the one holding her the whole time. Like, running down the street holding this crying, crying baby.

Dakota johnson recalls the movie shoot for Crazy in Alabama to Vanity Fair in 2022.

Owner of a Beauty Brand

Apart from being a model and an actor, Stella Banderas is also the founder of her health and beauty brand, Lightbound. She founded the business in 2021.

Her first and only product is Alma in August, a perfume oil inspired by her upbringing in Malaga and Los Angeles. The oil is currently sold at Faire for $60.

The perfume is only available for wholesale buyers since April 25, 2024. According to the Lightbound website, retailers can buy the product from the Faire Direct link and would get “50% off their first order – up to $150 – and 1 year of free shipping”, valid until August 20, 2024.

Collaboration with Father

In November 2021, Stella Banderas collaborated with her father, Antonio Banderas for a Broadway show. While her dad directed and starred in the show, she joined in as the second assistant director for the production.

Relationship with Mom

In the video for Vogue, Stella Banderas and her mother, Melanie Griffith spoke about their relationship. The former described her mom as “fearless, fierce, and radiant.”

My mother has always emphasized the importance of having a good, loving relationship with myself. One way of doing this was by encouraging me to have sort of an open dialogue with my higher self, or God, or the universe. She often says, ‘Ask for wisdom.’

In addition to it, the model also revealed that her mother wasn’t the typical mother growing up and that they had a very open relationship.

We had a very open relationship where no topic was really off limits. This allowed me to build immense trust with her which in turn gave me the freedom to express myself without fear of judgements.

As for Griffith, she believes her daughter has gotten the best version of her and that she felt incredible to watch Stella grow up.

I’ve watched her go from being this, at times, scared little girl afraid to go to a new school, turn into this amazing woman who’s launching her own business, doing so many different things, and just being so brave. And opinionated.

Tattoo on Melanie’s Arm

In July 2023, Melanie debuted a new tattoo on her upper arm. The tattoo features the names of her four children, Stella Banderas, Dakota Johnson, Alexander Bauer, and Jesse Johnson.

The crossword-style tattoo replaced her old tattoo featuring her ex-husband, Antonio Banderas’ first name written inside a heart. She had started the process of removing that tattoo shortly after announcing their divorce in 2014.

Relationship with Dad

While discussing the relationship with his daughter, Antonio Banderas revealed that he had had one date night with Stella Banderas every week.

I take her for dinner by herself and we can talk, spend some time together. We just try to be dynamic in our relationship to the family and it’s fun too.


Stella Banderas has two siblings, Alexander Bauer and Dakota Johnson.

Dakota Johnson was born on October 4, 1989, in Austin, Texas, to Melanie Griffith and her first husband, Don Johnson. She is an actor with 39 acting credits under her belt. She was dating Coldplay singer, Chris Martin since 2017; however, the duo seems to have broken up in 2024.

When I was 6 years old, my mother married a man who brought an unbelievably bright light and a whole new world of creativity and culture — and one remarkably magical little sister into our family.

Dakota on her sister, Stella Banderas!

Alexander Bauer was born in 1985 to Melanie Griffith and her second husband, Steven Bauer. He has stayed out of the spotlight although he has celebrity parents.

Parents’ Relationship

Stella Banderas’ parents, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith were married for almost two decades. They first met in 1995 while filming the comedy, Two Much, and married a year later in May 1996.

The pair announced their separation when Stella was 17. They finalized their divorce in 2015.

We have thoughfully and consensually decided to finalize our almost twenty years marriage in a loving and friendly manner honoring and respecting each other, our family and friends and the beautiful time we have spent together.

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