Meet Jamal Adeen Thomas, Son of Clarence Thomas!

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Jamal Adeen Thomas is the only son of Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme court, Clarence Thomas, and his ex-wife, Kathy Ambush.

Jamal is often mistaken for an actor with the same name.

Early Life of Jamal Adeen Thomas

Jamal Adeen Thomas was born on February 15, 1973, in New Haven, Connecticut, US. He was born to Clarence Thomas and Kathy Ambush.

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He is African American and has American nationality.

Relationship of His Parents

Clarence Thomas and Kathy Grace Ambush were married for more than a decade. The duo first met in 1969 when both of them were in high school.

Thomas and Ambush dated for around a year prior to getting married. They walked down the aisle a day after their graduation in 1971.

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The pair were married for just over a decade. They parted ways in 1984.

Following their divorce, Clarence received the primary custody of his son, Jamal, and he took care of his son as a single father.

His dad is now married to Virginia Lamp Thomas. They married in 1987. Jamal was 18 during his father’s remarriage.

Clarence Sold His Car to Pay for Jamal’s Education

The 73-year-old Clarence Thomas had bought a sports car called Camaro IROC after years of hard work in 1982. Unfortunately, he had to sell the car to pay for his son’s tuition.

Thomas wanted to save his son from all the bullying black children were facing back then in public schools. So, he sent his son, Jamal to a private school.

Often Mistaken for Actor of the Same Name

Jamal Adeen Thomas is often mistaken for an actor of the same name.

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Jamal is an actor with over 20 movies and TV shows.
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The actor has 20 acting credits under his belt. He has appeared in movies and TV series such as FBI: Most Wanted, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Grey’s Anatomy, among others.

There’s Another Jamal as well

This “Jamal Thomas” is the Director of Supervision at John F. Van Der Hyde and Associates Network Office of Northwestern Mutual. He started working there in May 2021 a month after resigning from his job as the Overlay Manager from BB&T Scott and Stringfellow, where he began his job in February 2014.

From October 2011 to November 2013, he worked as a Branch Compliance Specialist at Wells Fargo Advisors. He had also worked there for almost 11 years from October 1998 to June 2009 in different positions.

For a year from January 2010 to October 2011, he worked as the Centralized Supervision Associate for Davenport & Company LLC. Jamal started his career as a Co-Manager at Kroger Grocery Store in January 1997.

Jamal studied at Bishop Ireton High School from Grade 9 to 12 (1987 to 1991). He later joined Fork Union Military Academy and got his certification a year later in 1992.

In 1992, he enrolled at the Virginia Military Institute and four years later, in 1996, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Business.

Is He Married?

We are unsure about Jamal Adeen Thomas’ personal life since he has been keeping low tabs.

A lot of people have confused him as a married man. Many believe he is married to Sakina Karima Paige, a lawyer based in Richmond, Virginia, but he’s not.

The Other Jamal Thomas with His Wife and Kid.
The Other Jamal Thomas with His Wife and Kid.
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