Who is Sammy Hagar’s Wife, Kari Karte?

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Kari Karte is the wife of legendary American singer, Sammy Hagar.

She is also an American reality star and producer.

Kari Karte’s Early Life

Kari Karte was born on January 7, 1967, in the USA. She is the daughter of Harold Raymond Karte (aka Chic Peters) who served in the U.S. Navy as a Corpsman and was recruited during the Vietnam War.

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She was raised alongside a brother named Gregory Kunkle.

Married to Sammy Hagar Since 1995

Kari Karte met her husband, Sammy Hagar in 1991 while he was still married to his first wife, Betsy Berardi. After a few months of their first meeting, they started dating and Sammy left Betsy in late 1991.

Kari Karte and Sammy Hagar married in 1995.
Kari and Sammy married in 1995.
Source: Instagram

After four years of dating, Kari and Sammy got married on November 29, 1995, in a private wedding ceremony. Now, they are married for 26 long years.

Before getting married to Sammy, she dated NFL player, Jim Kelly for a couple of years. 

Mother of Four

Kari Karte and her husband, Sammy Hagar have welcomed two kids, both daughters. The name of her daughters is Kama and Samantha Hagar.

Kari Karte with Her Husband and Two Daughters.
Kari and Sammy have two children, Kama and Samantha.
Source: Instagram

Kama Hagar was born on April 1, 1996. She is a professional Certified Holistic Wellness Coach. 

Kama Hagar and Her Fiance, Nick.
Kama is engaged to Nick.
Source: Instagram

Talking about her personal life, she is engaged to Nick La Maina since January 1, 2021.

Samantha Hagar was born on March 24, 2001. Like her parents, she is involved in the entertainment industry and has worked in a few TV series. 

Samantha Hagar.
Kari’s daughter, Samantha is also an actress.
Source: Instagram

Kari is also the stepmother of two children, Aaron and Andrew Hagar. Aaron is a conservator-restorer and Andrew is a musician.

Kari Karte with Her Family.
Kari has two biological children and two stepchildren.
Source: Instagram

Career and Net Worth

Kari Karte has worked in a few TV shows as a TV producer and reality TV star. She was seen in the reality series, I Married… in 2005 and was seen in an episode of American Restoration in 2012.

With her husband, she appeared in three episodes of the musical TV series, Rock & Roll Road Trip. She also became part of the documentary series, Red Til I’m Dead: Sammy Hagar’s Rock-N-Roll Birthday Bash as an actor and producer.

Kari Karte shares an estimated $150 million net worth with her husband. Her husband is an American singer and entrepreneur.

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