What to Know about Jean Muggli, Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife!

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Jean Muggli is known for being the Good Morning America co-host, Michael Strahan‘s second wife.

Muggli was a cosmetic store manager and a shop attendant before she met her ex-husband.

Early Life of Jean Muggli

Jean Muggli was born on November 30, 1964, in North Dakota, USA. She was born to father, Anthony Alphonse and Mary Muggli. Her dad was a retired military.

Married Life of Jean and Michael!

Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan walked down the aisle on July 18, 1999. The pair first met when Jean was working as a salon plus spa shop attendant in 1994.

Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan Collage.
Jean and Michael married in 1999.
Source: Celebs Focus

Michael fell for her, though he was married to his first wife, Wanda Hutchins at the time. He visited the shop often and when he separated with his first partner, they started dating.

I figured either he was the cleanest man on the planet or he wanted to ask me out.

They duo dated for three years until their marriage in 1999. Prior to dating Michael, she thought he was the same as other ‘typical macho’ athletes but, it wasn’t the case for him. They only started dating when she found out about his personality.

Mother of Twin Daughters

Michael and his ex-wife, Jean welcomed two children during their seven years long marriage. They became parents to twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella Strahan in 2004. They are 17-year-old as of this writing.

Jean Muggli holding her Twin Daughters.
Jean and Michael welcomed Sophia and Isabella in 2004.
Source: Facebook

While Sophia wants to become a professional equestrian, Isabella seems to be in love with volleyball. Both of them are athletic like their dad.

After her marriage with Michael, Jean also became a stepmother to his kids, Tanita and Micahel Strahan Jr., from first wife, Wanda Hutchins.

Michael Strahan and His Kids.
Michael wishes his kids Valentine’s Day on Feb 14, 2021.
Source: Instagram

Controversial Divorce!

Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan had a controversial divorce. The major reason for their divorce was considred to be domestic violence and her ex-husband’s extramarital affairs.

However, it was Michael how had filed for the divorce. A few days prior, Jean had filed a domestic violence complaint against him.

Strahan stressed that he would never physically or psychologically harm any of his loved ones, especially his wife. Muggli accepted that he had never touched her and the case was dismissed. Their divorce was finalized in 2006.

Following their divorce, Jean started dating Marianne Ayer, though they broke up soon after. As for Michael, he is currently dating Kayla Quick. Prior, he dated Stefani Vara and Marianna Hewitt and was engaged to Nicole Mitchell Murphy.

Divorce Alimony

Jean received $15.3 million as divorce settlement from Michael. In addition to that, she also recieved $18,000 every month for child support. The amount was later reduced to $13,000 in 2008 after Strahan retired from the NFL.

The custody of their kids were given to Jean! She took her twins to her Wilmington, North Carolina home featuring a beach volleyball court, tennis court, horse-riding ring, half-basketball court, and five-stall barn.

Jean Muggli with Her Kids.
Jean was first awarded the custody of her kids.
Source: Instagram

More than a decade after their divorce, in 2019, Jean accused her former husband of not paying enough. She also claimed that he owed her over $540,000.

In the same year, Jean and Michael sparked another controversy when the former held on to her kids’ passports refusing to send them for a vacation with their father. She argued that she would provide their passports only if she was paid $43,178 for horse maintenance. The court ordered against her and Strahan took his children to Portugal and Croatia for vacation.

Did Jean Really Abuse Her Daughters?

As per the reports obtained by TMZ on March 11, 2020, Michael Strahan claimed that his ex-wife, Jean Muggli, was allegedly guilty of abusing their daughters. The report asserted that the former New York Giants defensive end was trying everything in his might to get the fully custody of their kids.

According to Michael, his daughters were missing their volleyball matches, equestrian practices, and therapy sessions due to their mother.

Sophia and Isabella Strahan.
Michael and Jean were ordered joint custody of their children.
Source: Facebook

After a lengthy trial on October 13, the court ordered joint custody to Jean and Michael. After the court orders, their kids would need to spend a week at their father’s and the next at their mother’s.

Arrested for Harassment

Jean Muggli was arrested on June 25, 2021, in New York. She was taken into custody after she attacked her former girlfriend, Marianne Ayer, violating the order of protection. Ayer had filed a case accusing her of “grand larceny, disorderly conduct, harassment, coercion, and forcible touching.”

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