Sophia and Isabella Strahan, Michael Strahan’s Twin Daughters!

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Sophia and Isabella Strahan are the twin daughters of the Good Morning America co-host, Michael Strahan and his ex-wife, Jean Muggli.

Both of them love horse riding and volleyball. Sophia has participated in several competitions including Adult Amateur Individual Championship in 2019. As for Isabella, she plays together with her sister in NC Coastal Volleyball Club.

The twins are both homeschooled!

Early Life of Twins

Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan were born in October 2004 to her parents Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli.

Sophia and Isabella Strahan.
Michael and Jean welcomed twins in October 2004.
Source: Facebook

They are the granddaughters of Gene Willie and Louise Strahan. Her grandfather was a US Army.

The twins have two half-siblings, Tanita and Michael Strahan Jr. from their father’s first marriage with Wanda Hutchins.

Michael Strahan and His Kids.
Michael wishes his kids Valentine’s Day on Feb 14, 2021.
Source: Instagram

Parents’ Failed Marriage!

Isabella and Sophia’s parents, Jean and Michael met for the first time in 1994 at a spa. They dated for three years and got married on July 18,1999.

Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan Collage.
Jean and Michael married in 1999.
Source: Celebs Focus

Five years later, the duo welcomed twins, Sophia and Isabella. However, two years later, the duo ended their marriage.The reason was believed to be Michael’s extramarital affairs and domestic violence.

Following their divorce, Jean received the primary custody of her daughers. They were taken to their mother’s Wilmington, North Carolina home.

Jean Muggli with Her Kids.
Jean was awarded the primary custody of her kids.
Source: Instagram

On one instance, Michael alleged that his former partner was abusing their children. She didn’t let them go to their therapy sessions and volleyball and equestrian practices. The case was dismissed on October 13, 2020, after the former NFL athlete received joint custody of their daughters, Sophia and Isabella.

Love Horse Riding

Both Isabella and Sophia love horse riding. However, the latter has already participated in several horse riding competitions.

Sophia and Her Horse.
Sophia has already participated in a number of horse riding competitions. Source: Instagram

In June 2019. she participated in the Adult Amateur Individual Championship at the Tryon International Equestrian Center. She rode a horse named Zeus and went on to win the silver medal.

I tried this really tight turn, and that was kind of making me nervous, but it worked out, and then at the last jump, I pretended that there were 10 jumps left, since I always mess up the last jump. But it actually turned out – it was good!

Volleyball Players

The celebrity kids are both volleyball players. They are currently playing for NC Coastal Volleyball Club.

Isabella and Sophia Strahan Volleyball Team.
Isabella and Sophia currently play for NC Coastal 14 Blue Volleyball Team. Source: NC Coastal Volleyball

The duo is training under head coach, Justin Keeny and assistant coach, Will Machacek. Isabella wears #13 and Sophia wears #17 shirt numbers.

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