Get to Know Angie King, Ex-Wife of Jo Koy!

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Angie King came to fame for her relationship with stand-up comedian, Joseph Glenn Herbert Sr AKA Jo Koy. They got married in 2005 but divorced later on.

Other than her relationship with Jo Koy, she is also known for being a singer and songwriter. Her stage name is Nura Luca.

Early Life of Angie King

Angie King was born to David A King (American father) and Tessie King (Filipino mother) on May 28, 1979. She was raised in California as a Catholic.

Angie King during Childhood.
Angie was born to David and Tessie in 1979.
Source: Instagram

Her father served in the U.S. Navy at the end of World War II. He lost his life in 2018.

Angie King's Father, David King.
David died in 2018.
Source: Instagram

Four Siblings: One Biological and Three Half-Siblings

Angie King has a younger brother named David King Jr. Her brother is in a marital relationship with Janea. David and Janea welcomed their daughter, Natalie Rose King in February 2019.

Apart from her biological brother, she has three half-siblings: one brother, Michael King, and two sisters, Cindi Tuning and Danielle Bush.

When and How did She Start Her Singing Career?

Being the daughter of a professional opera singer, she developed an interest in music since her childhood days.

Her father also introduced her to a variety of music. As both of her parents were in the parish church choir, they always encouraged her to follow in their footsteps. 

Since the age of 15, she started singing solos and often led the congregation. For several years, she actively sang at special events.

Angie King’s Inspiration

The ex-wife of Joy Koy says she has been inspired through several things. While talking with Shoutout LA, she said,

I’m pretty sentimental, so anything that sparks memories of my childhood—all kinds of 80’s music, pipe organs, opera, classical music, black and white photographs of my grandparents, renaissance art, the victorian era, foreign films, connecting with nature, the paranormal, ancient folklore, the Philippines, gothic cathedrals, Catholic saints, freethinking. Depeche Mode, Giorgio Moroder, Kate Bush and Andrea Bocelli are a few of my favorites. Love, pain, death, and the unknown.

Unsuccessful Marriage with Comedian Jo Koy

Angie King started dating Jo Koy in early 2000 and soon got married. However, the detail of their love story, marriage, and divorce is missing as both of them have preferred to keep it secretive.

Mother of One

With her ex-husband, Angie has a son named Joseph J. Herbert Jr back on April 21, 2003, in California. Joseph joined the catholic school, St Mel School, and graduated in 2017. After their divorce, they share joint custody of Joseph Jr.

Angie King with her ex-partner, Jo Koy and son, Joseph Herbert Jr.
Angie and her ex-husband have a son together, Joseph Herbert Jr.
Source: Instagram

Best Friend with Ex-husband, Joy Koy

After their divorce, Angie and Jo Koy have maintained a cordial relationship with each other to raise their son in joint custody. Even at the time of COVID lockdowns, the ex-couple quarantined together at Jo’s house.

In 2020, Koy appeared in Windy City Live alongside his ex-wife. During the interview, the former partners were living together due to the pandemic.

Jo with his ex-wife, Angie.

When the news aired, their fans assumed that the pair got back together. However, they haven’t.

The duo decided to live together during the lockdown because they didn’t want their only son to travel to and from their house.

Her Current Relationship Status

The singer is currently in a dating relationship with skateboarder and painter, Gino Perez. Her boyfriend is a designer and artist based in Los Angeles.

Angie with her current partner, Gino!
Angie with her current boyfriend, Gino.
Source: Instagram

The pair are also business partners. They own a clothing line called Mexican UFO.

Gino and Angie’s ex, Jo are best friends. 

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