Meet Bella Zahra Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s Daughter!

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Bella Zahra Murphy is known for being the seventh child of actor Eddie Murphy.

Bella recently made her acting debut through the movie, Coming 2 America 2.

Bella Zahra Murphy’s Early Life

Bella Zahra Murphy was born on January 29, 2002, in California, United States. She was born to her father, Eddie, and mother, Nicole Mitchell Murphy.

From her parents’ relationship, she has four siblings, Bria, Miles, Shayne, and Zola Murphy. She also has five step-siblings from her father’s other relationships: Eric, Christian, Angel Iris, Izzy Oona, and Max Charles Murphy.

Eddie Murphy's Family.
Eddie Murphy’s Family!
Source: Instagram

She had a comedian uncle, Charlie Murphy. He passed away due to leukemia in 2017.

Unsuccessful Relationship of Her Parents

Bella’s parents Eddie and Nicole Murphy married on March 18, 1993, at the Grand Ballroom of The Plaza Hotel in New York.

Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell Murphy at a red carpet event.
Eddie and Nicole married in 1993.
Source: NZHerald

The couple first met at the National Association for the Advance of Colored People Image Awards in 1988. They started dating soon after. However, the duo broke up two years later in 1990. They eventually got back together.

Nicole and Eddie were together for 12 years. They decided to separate in August 2005 citing irreconcilable differences and finalized their divorce on April 17, 2006.

Parents’ Other Relationships

Bella Murphy’s dad started dating Spice Girls singer, Melanie B after his divorce. The duo broke up within a year. Iris Murphy (b. April 3, 2007) was born from their short relationship.

After breaking up with Mel, Eddie got into a relationship with Australian model and actor, Paige Butcher. They started dating in 2012 and got engaged in September 2018. The duo bore Izzy (b. May 2016) and Max (b. November 2018).

Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy.
Paige and Eddie first met in 2006 at the set of Big Momma’s House 2.
Source: E! Online

As for Bella’s mom, she started dating the former New York Giants defensive end, Michael Strahan. They dated for two years and got engaged in 2009. Unfortunately, the pair broke up five years later in 2014.

Michael Strahan and Nicole Mitchell Murphy.
Michael and Nicole were together for seven years.
Source: People

Nicole also sparked controversy in 2019 for kissing Antione Fuqua. She released two statements, one claiming it was a friendly kiss and the other apologizing to Antione’s wife, Lela Rochon-Fuqua, and her family.

Actress in Coming 2 America 2

Bella Murphy recently appeared alongside her dad, Eddie Murphy in the sequel of the popular 1988 comedy, Coming 2 America.

She portrayed the role of Princess Omma, the daughter of Prince Akeem Joffer, portrayed by her father, and Lisa McDowell, played by actress Shari Headley.

Coming 2 America 2 Trailer!

According to an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Bella revealed that her dad broke his family rule and let her audition for the role before turning 18. She was 17 while filming the film.

We’re not allowed to work in this industry until we’re 18. So I didn’t think that would be a possibility.

Bella says her father might have seen how passionate she was about acting and that was the reason she was given the chance for an audition.

I think he just saw that, and saw how passionate I was about it, and was like, ‘I think I’m just going to let you audition for the princess if you want. He gave that option to me. Which of course I took, because I wanted to do it. So I did the audition, and I practiced with him, and it was awesome.

She only wished for a cameo role but was ultimately given a full-fledged role.

We wish the neophyte actor a successful career ahead.

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