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Mahesh Jadu is an Australian actor who is well known for his role in the Netflix original series Marco Polo as Ahmad. HE is also famous for his supporting role as Vilgefortz of Roggeveen in The Witcher.

Mahesh Jadu’s Early Life

Mahesh Jadu was born Mahesh Jadunundun on October 26, 1982, in Carlton, Victoria, Australia. His parents are originally from India. He has two sisters, Aarti and Sandhya Jadu.

Mahesh Jadu and His Father in a Photo Album.
Mahesh’s caption, “Apple and tree”.
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Vilgefortz in The Witcher

Mahesh Jadu, who played the role of Vilgefortz of Roggeveen in season one of Netflix’s The Witcher also reprised his role in the second season. He portrays the role of a sorcerer from the Brotherhood of Sorcerers.

The Witcher Season 2 Trailer.

Though it hasn’t yet been shown, Vilgefortz will go on to become the central antagonist according to The Witcher book series. And yes, the same source also reveals that he is a better fighter than Geralt. (Here’s a Reddit discussion that discusses about it!)

In season one, he appeared only in two episodes (i.e., 7 and 8) and did most of his stunts himself. He had even hurt his shoulder while performing an action scene. While chatting with Omega Scopio through Instagram DMs, he revealed that he did his own stunts but, there were always stunt folks for safety.

Career Before Breakthrough

Mahesh Jadu made his debut in the entertainment industry as a composer for an Australian show, Byte Me. In 2008, he appeared in an Indian film, Sorry Bhai! as a student and in Two Fists, One Heart as Ringside Official.

He started getting recognized after he was cast in an Australian television soap opera, Neighbours. He even had to cover his bills playing poker prior to his role in Neighbours.

In Perth, I had been working mainly on independent films. Children’s interactive theatre and also scriptwriting. However, in early 2009, I came to Melbourne to work on “TAJ”. After the shoot, I resorted to poker to cover rent and a living until months later, Neighbours graced me with this wonderful opportunity.

Mahesh talks to Edd from The Perfect Blend about getting the role of Dr. Doug Harris in The Neighbours!

Jadu, to date, has over 19 acting credits under his name. However, he says he hasn’t had any official training and has been learning on-the-job.

The idea for me is to get on to as many sets with as many different creative people as possible.

Besides acting and storytelling, Vilgefortz from The Witcher has also been teaching occasionally at the Perth Film School.

I never thought I was qualified to do that but I realised that the centre of what I teach is … what would I have liked to tell myself at that stage of the craft.

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