Get to Know Paul Qualley, Andie MacDowell’s Ex-Husband!

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Paul Qualley is the ex-husband of the Four Weddings and a Funeral actress, Andie MacDowell.

Qualley has three kids with his ex-girlfriend.

Early Life of Paul Qualley

Paul Qualley was born on March 13, 1958, to his parents, Lee James Qualley and Patricia Ann Rondou.

His Marriage with Andie MacDowell

Paul Qualley walked down the aisle with Andie MacDowell in 1986. The duo first met while posing for Gap ads. They fell in love and married soon after.

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Sadly, the duo parted ways in 1999. They were together for 13 years.

Is He Dating Anyone After Divorce?

Paul Qualley didn’t get into any kind of relationship after his separation. However, Andie started dating The Parent Trap actor, Dennis Quaid soon after.

Margaret reveals how her mother started dating The Parent Trap actor!

MacDowell also dated her high school classmate, Rhett Hartzog and even tied the knot with him on November 10, 2001. The pair separated in October 2004. Since then, Andie has stayed away from romantic relationships.

Father of Three

Paul Qualley has three kids with Andie MacDowell.

Their eldest child, Justin Qualley was born on August 14, 1986. He is a a real estate agent in Montana.

Justin Qualley and Rainey Qualley.
Justin with his sister, Rainey.
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Paul and Andie’s second child, Rainey Qualley was born on March 10, 1990. She is an actress with 18 acting credits under her belt and singer with two EPs and ten Singles.

Paul Qualley with His Daughters.
Paul with his daughters, Rainey and Margaret.
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Their youngest child, Sarah Margaret Qualley was born on October 23, 1994. Margaret has also become an actress. She started her acting career in 2013 and now has 29 acting credits and an Emmy nomination. She’s also a model who debuted at the age of 16.

Margaret Qualley with Her Dad, Paul Qualley.
Paul with his youngest daughter, Margaret.
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Who Took Care of The Kids After Their Divorce?

Paul and Andie took care of their children together. They lived three miles away to look after their kids. Paul even built a house behind Margaret’s school to spend more time with her.

I grew up with my parents living three miles away form each other. My dad built a house right behind my school and would walk and bring me lunch every day to school. It was dreamy.

Margaret also revealed that her parents were like chalk and cheese. Her mother had all the regular amenities at home, however, her dad didn’t have them at all.

His house had no TV, no computers, no wi-fi, no microwaves.Margaret says her father’s house didn’t have regular amenities!

Career and Net Worth of Paul

Paul Qualley was a model when he first met his ex-wife, Andie MacDowell. However, he has now left his modeling career. He now works as a rancher and has a 3,000 acre ranch in Montana.

From his career as a model and rancher, Paul has earned an estimated net worth of $100 thousand. Meanwhile, his ex-wife, Andie, who has 80 acting credits, is estimated to have a fortune of $20 million.

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