What to Know about Andrea Bertorelli, Phil Collins Ex-Wife?

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Andrea Bertorelli is the first wife of English drummer and singer, Phil Collins.

Early Life of Andrea Bertorelli

Andrea Bertorelli was born in 1951 in the UK. She lost her dad when she turned 18. A year later, her mother remarried and the family of three moved to Canada.

Prior to her father’s demise, she is believed to have been enrolled at the Camberwell School of Art. However, she couldn’t finish her schooling due to her dad’s death.

Marriage to Phil Collins

Andrea Bertorelli walked down the aisle with Phil Collins on September 27, 1975, in a Catholic Church in Epsom, Surrey, UK. The pair are believed to have dated for two years prior to getting married.

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They first met when they were 11 at a drama class in West London. The pair reconnected again several years later when Phil was on a tour in Vancouver with his band, Genesis, and started dating.

Andrea and Phil were married for around five years. They decided to separate in 1979 and finalized their divorce by 1980.

Andrea’s Two Different Affairs

Andrea Bertorelli went through two different love affairs during her marriage with Phil Collins.

Her first affair was with Michael Burberry, a descendant of the Burberry fashion design family. The duo hooked up when Phil was away on a global band tour and Michael took up the job of a painter and decorator of their Surrey home, The Old Croft.

He was more of a friend. And when it led to other things, I said: ‘Right, this has got to stop.’ And I cut it off at that point.

After having a nervous breakdown of her affair, Andrea confessed about it to her husband. Though he didn’t react, they had started leaving separately by 1979.

Bertorelli had another affair, this time, with Charles Edward Chicester Eustace. They were together for two years and they had even thought about getting married.

The pair even went house-hunting together in the West Country. However, Andrea didn’t want that, and Charles knew about it. So, he tried talking to Phil but his phone never got through.

He even tried to phone Phil Collins once or twice, intending to say he thought she wanted to go back to him and make the marriage work, but he was a rock star and Charles could never get through to him. Things might have turned out very different if he had.

The Real Reason For their Divorce?

Though it seems Andrea Bertorelli is at fault, the real reason for their divorce is, in fact, Phil Collins.

She divorced him on the grounds of adultery.

Following their divorce, Collins married Jill Tavelman in 1984, but they separated in 1996. He then walked down the aisle with Orianne Cevey in 1999. They parted ways 9 years later in 2008.

His separation from Jill cost him ₤17 million. Similarly, his divorce from Orianne cost him ₤25 million.

Meanwhile, Andrea has stayed as far away from the media as possible.

Not Dead Yet

Phil Collins published his autobiography Not Dead Yet in 2016 where he reveals several details about his marriage and divorce.

I am disappointed I’ve been married three times… I’m even more disappointed that I’ve been divorced three times.

Though he says she hopes and believes that marriage is something to cherish and last, he certainly feels he is a failure in co-existing happily and understanding his partners.

When the book was published, Andrea was not quite happy with it. She claims he portrayed her as a gold digger and bad mother.

I have variously been portrayed as a homewrecker, a gold-digger, and a bad mother. The recent publication of Phil’s autobiography, Not Dead Yet is the final straw.

Bertorelli filed a lawsuit against him asking solicitors “to instigate proceedings against both Phil and the book’s publisher.”

The book contains a number of wholly false statements about myself and my marriage to Phil which have not only seriously damaged my reputation but have also caused me considerable distress.

Andrea claims she is a private person who has never sought limelight even during her marriage with Phil. But, if her ex-husband attacks her character and integrity, she says she is compelled to take legal action.

Mother of Two

Andrea Bertorelli has two kids, a daughter, and a son.

Her daughter, Joely Collins, was born on August 8, 1972, to Andrea and her former partner. Tom adopted her after his marriage to Andrea.

A photo of Joely Collins.
Joely was born to Andrea and her former partner.
Source: IMDB

Joely is an actor with appearances in The Final Cut, Hideaway, Becoming Redwood, and Madison among others. She has 42 acting credits to date.

She’s married to Stefan Buitelaar since 2008. They have a kid together, Zoe Amelie Buitelaar.

Bertorelli’s second child, Simon Collins was born on September 14, 1976, to her and her ex-husband, Phil.

The 45-year-old is a singer and drummer. He was the lead vocalist of a rock band named Sound of Contact until 2018.

Andrea’s former partner, Phil has three more children, Lily, Nicholas, and Matthew Collins.

Career of Andrea Bertorelli

Andrea Bertorelli is a theater actor by profession.

In 2005, she appeared in an episode of the Canadian television series, The Passionate Eye. Well, this is the last time we saw her on the big screen.

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